Oulessebougou Alliance

For those of you that don’t know, I started working for a video production company recently as an assistant editor. We made this promo for a company here in Utah that helps villages in the Ouelessebougou region of Mali, Africa drink clean water and educate their community.

Please show your support by liking, sharing and, if possible, donating to this great cause! 🙂

New Site!


Hey, everybody, welcome to the new and improved Deepwise Homepage! One of the major changes is deepwise.net now automatically re-directs you to deepwisemusic.com instead. 

You might be wonder, what’s on deepwise.com? But if you were a huge fan of Chinese medical equipment manufacturing companies, you would already know the answer. In any case, I’ve decided to be a bit more hands-on and less lazy about building my own website. So I hope you like the new site and thank you for stopping by. Come back for updates on my upcoming album and follow me on social media for more detail. Thank you!